Please contact emergency services

  1. Dial Triple Zero (000) on your phone to contact emergency services (it is a cost free number)
  2. After dialling 000 you will be connected to an operator
  3. The operator will ask "Do you want Police, Fire or Ambulance?"
  4. If you or someone else has a physical injury then ask for the Ambulance, in all other situations it may be best to ask for the Police
  5. You will then be connected to a phone operator that will ask you a series of questions to best determine what support is needed
    Questions may include:
    The address of the emergency? (Street, suburb, or nearest street or location)
    Your phone number? (This will allow the operator to call you back if they need more information)
    What has happened?
    Any additional details you can provide about the person(s) involved? (Name, age, if they are awake, if they are breathing)

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